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Department of Communication Studies

Communication is being taught at BGU in the Department of Communication Studies.

Two programs are available:
A Graduate Program in Comparative Media: Technology and Society, leading to M.A. and PhD. Degrees; and a Study Track, leading to a B.A. degree in a major discipline. Both programs aim at exposing the students to academic and practical dimensions of the emerging communications environment and at exploring and researching this environment systematically.

The Graduate Program trains academic researchers and teachers, focusing on a blend of humanistic, social, and technological aspects; and on the comparative study of "traditional" and new media. Starting at the 2001-2002 academic year, fifteen outstanding students are accepted annually, to work in a four-semester program.

The Study Track is a general introduction to communication studies, including basic courses such as:
- Introduction to Communication Studies
- Media Institutions
- Media Law and Ethics
- Communication and Society
- Practical Studies.

The faculty includes BGU academic and professional professors, and new teachers, ranging from promising PhD. candidates to full professors from Israel and leading foreign universities.
The department's work emphasizes an interdisciplinary comparative approach to cultural, psychological, social and technological aspects of communications; enhances academic excellence, autonomy, and creativity; and offers a friendly learning environment.


Academic staff:

The department currently has five tenure-track members and two researchers.



Currently, 60 undergraduate students, 50 M.A. students, three PhD students, and one post-doctorate fellow are studying at the department.


The uniqueness of the department:


  1. The Burda Center for innovative communications,, which is part of the communication department, endows research scholarships to students who conduct cutting-edge research in the field of new media.
  2. The department's seminars are given by innovators with wide background in both the information technology industry and the academic community.
  3. In accordance with the university's spirit, many of the students at the department have been accepted to other leading universities and decided to come from the center and the north owing to the unique atmosphere among students of the department.
  4. The department's weekly seminar hosts leading academics worldwide. For example, recently the department hosted Professor Dan Berkowitz (Indiana University, one of the leading academics in the field of the sociology of news) and Professor Simon Cottle (Cardiff University, a leading scholar in the study of the mediatization of conflicts).   



Research interest of the researchers:


Professor Dan Caspi – Ph.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1976- Mass communication, political communication, public opinion and propaganda, Israeli media, media institutions, ethnic media, local press.


Dr. Tamar Ashuri (Ph.D. London School of Economics, 2004) – media and communications; globalisation; nationalism, collective memory, television, television economics, documentary films, media ethics.


Dr. Nelly Elias-Chair of the Department, (Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University, 2003) - Mass media, immigrants and ethnic minorities, the roles of the media in the lives of immigrant children and adolescents; the transnational virtual communities established by immigrants, and the media representation of ethnic minorities in the case of Russian-speaking Jews in Israel and Germany.


Dr. Natalia Khvorostianov (Ph.D. State Academy of Public Service, Oryol, 1999), researcher and teacher - mass communication, media and disabilities, mass media and immigrant adolescents.


Dr. Zvi Reich (Ph.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2003) - Sociology of news (print, broadcast and online), reporter-source relations, new making and news production, journalistic practices, journalism as a profession, news organizations, the use of technologies in journalism, leaks, journalism and epistemology, grassroots/ citizen journalism, public relations.


For further details, please contact Ms. Sharon Toledano, , P.O.Box 653, Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel. Tel: (972)8-6477211 Fax: (972)8-6472855




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